i will help you

My name is Kumi.

I would like to help you with your trip to Japan.

Ask me anything you may want to know before&during your trip to Japan,

and maybe after the trip, too.




I am Japanese and have been working as a freelance interpreter and translator since 2006. I used to work for corporations in Japan, but now I mostly work for yoga studios to interpret their yoga and Pilates training. I myself teach yoga and run yoga teacher training. I like inviting yoga teachers and friends to Japan from overseas, working together with them, taking them sightseeing. I was once an Airbnb super-host. I had many people stay at my place from different countries. Currently, I live in Canada. I organize tours in Vancouver for visitors from Japan. I hope to help people visiting my country still, although I am not living in Japan at the moment; so.... I developed this website! I use the "fiverr" and "Oyraa" platforms for my business. There are links to both platforms in each blog on this website. Just simply click the link and you will be taken to the page which describes the service I am offering.
I also have a website in Japanese. If you are interested, please visit バンクーバーに行こう   https://www.vancouvertrip.online/

Thanks for your visiting Before&During Japan. For more information, feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you soon!


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