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I will help you with your trip to Japan

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Planning on going to Japan?

Worrying about visiting the country for the first time?

My name is Kumi.

I'm Japanese and have been working as a translator (English-Japanese) since 2006. I would like to be your help before and during your trip to Japan.

If you are wondering about

- accommodations (hotels, airbnb, campsite)

- public transportation v.s.taking taxi

- food (including help with food allergy)

- how to be polite in Japan

- greetings in Japanese

- how to take Onsen (hot spring)

- sightseeing spots

- car/bicycle rentals

- medical issues

and other things, .... just ask me!

I will do any research for you in Japanese and come back to you in English.

Not many people speak English in Japan.

I can translate e-mails and letters or even do online interpretation.

For help and written translations I offer my service on the "fiverr" platform at a reasonable price. The link to my "fiverr" gig is below. It is free to visit, so please have a look and if you like it contact me on "fiverr".

For online interpretation (for me to actually translate Japanese-English on a smartphone), I use the "Oyraa" platform.

If you need to communicate with people in Japan, and if no one around you is able to help out with the language, I may be able to help!

If you have a smartphone in an environment with WiFi connection, you can hire me as your interpreter from Japan or elsewhere; so for that, the link to my "Oyraa" profile is below.

I don't live in Japan at the moment, but once I was an Airbnb super-host in Japan and hosted people from different countries in Mie prefecture (close from Ise shrine).

I always loved helping visitors in Japan and I hope to continue helping still - now from outside of Japan :)

Hope you have a great time in my country!



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