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My name is Kumi.

I would like to help you with your trip to Japan.

Ask me anything you may want to know before&during your trip to Japan,

and maybe after the trip, too.

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Joining classes in Japan during your trip

Are you interested in taking classes in Japan? 

I think it is fun to learn, for example: Japanese cooking, the language, martial arts, and other things.

Even if you are going there for a few days, there may be some classes that fit your schedule.

I have found some classes in Tokyo and Osaka, so I will share the information here.


Japanese lessons

The Japanese language school, Meguro Language Center


They can do private lessons 1-2 times/week for those who speak English.

90 min group lesson: 3,960 yen (10% tax included)

90 min Private Lesson: 7,170 yen - 7,770 yen (10% tax included).

Meguro is a good location. Central Tokyo.

Language exchange

Language Exchange Café


“Language Exchange” is an event where participants take time to causally teach and learn each other’s languages.

Address: 3-1 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan Postal Code 101-0052

Japanese cooking

Mayuko's Little Kitchen Japanese Cooking Class


She has the location well explained on her site including the map. It seems like she will come to meet the guests/students at the station and takes to the kitchen. The food looks so delicious.

Japanese glass making: Edo Kriko glass



This place is in Asakusa. Asakusa is an awesome place to visit. This place is only 30 min walk from Asakusa station.


Language exchange

● Language Exchange Osaka


“At Language Exchange Osaka, you can have a chance to speak English or Japanese whilst having fun! We have fun games and activities that utilize our knowledge of English and Japanese, learn new grammar points and practice our conversation skills through various weekly topics that are applicable to use in your everyday speaking life.”

They don’t have the address, but you can send inquiry in English. If you click their “locations” there are more locations than Osaka, so you may want to check other areas, too.

Japanese cooking

● Takoyaki and other food


Takoyaki”” is one of Osaka's specialties.

Other interesting thing I found (although it is not something Japanese...)

● Thai kickboxing M-FACTORY


“M-FACTORY Kickboxing's program consists of some great elements of Muay Thai and kickboxing”

They have classes for travelers and those on business trips. Their website has English explanation about prices and the location.

Glass making workshop in Nagahama, Shiga.

If you want to go somewhere quieter, I recommend Nagahama city in Shiga prefecture.

There are a few nice glass blowing workshops you can attend in Nagahama. I used to take my children there and we made glasses, plates, and stained glass products.

Nagahama is a beautiful old city. If you rent a car you can drive from Nagahama to Hikone city by the lake Biwako.

In Hikone, there is beautiful Hikone castle. You may find a small "Kawana" (salt-grilled sweetfish) shop on a street, and yummy "Hida beef" restaurants.

- Nagahama city: Glass making workshop https://www.kurokabe.co.jp/trial/

- Nagahama city: Stained glass making https://www.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/19977

Kawana shop on a street

Hikone Castle, Hikone city, Shiga

Another fun thing to do in Shiga prefecture is to rent a bike and ride around the lake. I have never done it but I would like to do that when I go back to Japan!

Click Rental Bike shop.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Japan!

If you ever need any help before&during your Japan trip, drop me a line.

Simple questions, drop them in a comment section.

For more in depth support, I can help you on "fiverr" and "Oyrra"; anything you like, including translation and interpretation.

- For help and written translations, I offer my service on the "fiverr" platform at a reasonable price. It is free to visit, so please have a look, and if you like it contact me on "fiverr". https://www.fiverr.com/kumisnowy/help-you-with-your-trip-to-japan

- For online interpretation (for me to actually translate Japanese-English on a smartphone), I use the "Oyraa" platform. If you need to communicate with people in Japan, and if no one around you is able to help out with the language, I may be able to help! If you have a smartphone in an environment with WiFi connection, you can hire me as your interpreter from Japan or elsewhere; so for that, the link to my "Oyraa" profile is below. https://www.oyraa.com/interpreters/detail/5da52c13897951304d742b92

Thank you for reading!




I am Japanese and have been working as a freelance interpreter and translator since 2006. I used to work for corporations in Japan, but now I mostly work for yoga studios to interpret their yoga and Pilates training. I myself teach yoga and run yoga teacher training. I like inviting yoga teachers and friends to Japan from overseas, working together with them, taking them sightseeing. I was once an Airbnb super-host. I had many people stay at my place from different countries. Currently, I live in Canada. I organize tours in Vancouver for visitors from Japan. I hope to help people visiting my country still, although I am not living in Japan at the moment; so.... I developed this website! I use the "fiverr" and "Oyraa" platforms for my business. There are links to both platforms in each blog on this website. Just simply click the link and you will be taken to the page which describes the service I am offering.
I also have a website in Japanese. If you are interested, please visit バンクーバーに行こう   https://www.vancouvertrip.online/

Thanks for your visiting Before&During Japan. For more information, feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you soon!

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