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Tokyo Olympics, 2020

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Japan will be hosting the Olympic Games from the 24th of July till the 9th of August, 2020. We are expecting to have many people visiting our country for the event. Anybody going should know that it will be super hot and humid in the summer in Japan. In fact, the marathon and long-distance walking events at next year's Olympics have been moved from Tokyo to Sapporo city, Hokkaido, to avoid the heat and humidity. This is because Sapporo is expected to have lower temperatures (cross fingers). Game organizers had to come up with a number of measures to protect athletes from the heat, like scheduling long-distance track events in the evening, making sure that all rugby games finish before the noon, and delaying the start of the mountain bike event. Anyone going to Japan for the event should be prepared to sweat everyday!

Every Japanese kid does this in the summer.

Did you know that tourism has become one of the few promising businesses in Japan? Foreign visitors to Japan apparently doubled in the last decade, led by an increase of Asian visitors. In 2018, about 31 million international tourists visited Japan. We already have so many people on the small island, but the population is decreasing. I see more people from different countries working in Tokyo too. Talking and writing about it makes me miss Tokyo a bit.

Shiba Inu in Tokyo

Visit "Shitamachi" (Old Tokyo) in Tokyo too. It is very different than the new Tokyo. You may meet the Shiba Inu like this :)

Finally, if you ever need any help before&during your Japan trip, drop me a line.

Simple questions, drop them in a comment section.

For more in depth support, I can help you on "fiverr" and "Oyrra"; anything you like, including translation and interpretation.

- For help and written translations, I offer my service on the "fiverr" platform at a reasonable price. It is free to visit, so please have a look, and if you like it contact me on "fiverr".

- For online interpretation (for me to actually translate Japanese-English on a smartphone), I use the "Oyraa" platform.

If you need to communicate with people in Japan, and if no one around you is able to help out with the language, I may be able to help!

If you have a smartphone in an environment with WiFi connection, you can hire me as your interpreter from Japan or elsewhere; so for that, the link to my "Oyraa" profile is below.

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